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A Seeker delves into the realms of the mind, exploring memories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, hopes and dreams. The mundane and the magical, the beautiful and the terrible — all should be honoured and recorded. The written word is the Seeker’s most potent means of ordering the mind, expressing thoughts, releasing emotions, and finding the way forward. Here, you can frame your questions and discover your answers. Embark on a voyage of discovery without taking a step.

This deluxe softcover journal features 220 pages of cream-coloured premium quality wood-free paper, with a combination of lined and unlined pages to accommodate all facets of your self-expression – you may like to write, doodle, paint or draw. Featuring 44 full-colour illustrations.

A Seeker's Tale - Writing and Creativity Journal

    Ravynne Phelan - tarot and oracle author and artist
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