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The Princess Archetype from Ravynne's new oracle project - The Dragon's Blood Oracle.

Shining Archetype:
- Purity of spirit and intention
- Innocence unmarred by cynicism
- Being kind to others regardless of who they are or their past actions
- A second chance
- Facing challenges with quiet courage and determination
- Accepting help when needed

Shadow Archetype:
- Embracing a limited perspective
- Codependent relationships
- Believing you are better or above others
- Selfish and self-serving actions
- Placing blame/responsibility for actions upon others
- Innocence versus ignorance

The Princess

  • Title: The Princess Size: 8.5" x 11.5" Medium: Watercolours and coloured pencil on 100% Cotton 300gsm Watercolour Paper Signed: Signed and dated Price: $750.00
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