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Hire Availability:


Ravynne is currently working on a number of personal projects so she is no longer taking commissions..

Open Edition Prints:

Prints are quality 'fine art' reproductions created with archival inks on matte archival paper with the superior eight ink, fine art printer. All prints are shipped flat in acid free plastic sleeves. While the Open edition prints are quality prints, they are not hand-signed. Open edition prints are lightfast for up to and beyond 75 years if stored behind glass away from direct UV light and chemical contaminants.



Limited Edition Prints:


Limited Edition Prints are 'fine art' reproductions of museum grade standard. They are printed using archival pigment dye inks on the highest quality museum grade 100% cotton paper. They are limited to a print run of 1000 only in the format offered. They are often embellished with acrylics, signed and numbered (painted on) before being varnished. They are shipped flat in an acid free plastic sleeve. 



Print Sizes:


The image size to page size is as follows:

  • Page size 2.5"x3.5" (ACEO) - Print size 2.25"x3.25"

  • Page size 5.5"x8.5" (A5) - Print size 5"x7"

  • Page size 8.5"x11" (A4) - Print sizes 8"x10" and 8.25"x11.25"

  • Page size 11.75"x16.75" (A3) - Print sizes 11"x14" and 11.75"x16.75"

  • Page size 13"x19" (A3+) - Print size 13"x19" (reserved for Number 1 Limited Edition Prints only)



Currency, Prices, and Taxes:


Ravynne Phelan is based in Australia so all prices are in Australian dollars only. At present, Dreams of Gaia is not required to collect GST. All taxes or customs fees incurred by international clientele are the responsibility of the buyer.




All international and credit card orders are processed through This process is completely secure and allows you to pay via credit card and several other convenient options. This means that Dreams of Gaia never stores or has access to your credit card information.


Direct Debit, Money Order and Cheque payments are available to Australian clientele only upon request. Please understand that no orders are processed until payments have been received or cleared.



Order Processing:


Due to the fact that Dreams of Gaia is a one person operation, order processing can take up to 10 business days, and up to 15 working days during busy periods such as Christmas. This does not include shipping times.



Shipping Policy:


International orders are shipped from Sydney, Australia, via International Registered Airmail and will take 7 to 10 business days to arrive after the order has been processed.


Local orders are shipped via Parcel Post or Registered Mail with tracking and a signature required upon receipt. Shipping can take between 1 and 10 business days to arrive. 


Orders are not insured unless requested and no exchanges will be given on damaged items unless insurance is nominated and photographic proof of damage provided within 72 hours of receipt of goods.



Refunds and Exchanges:


Dreams of Gaia does not give refunds on printed products. We accept the return of damaged prints, books and oracle decks when photographic proof of damage is provided at which time a replacement item identical to the ordered item will be shipped. The proof of damage must be provided within 72 hours of receipt of order.

We also offer exchanges in situations where the wrong print was ordered by the customer, but all shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.


Refund on original artwork purchases will only be accepted and processed if the artwork has been damaged during transit and then only if the artwork has been insured for the full value of the artwork price. Upon receiving proof of damage, an insurance claim will be lodged with the carrier.The damaged artwork and all documentation must be shipped by return mail at the expense of the client. No refunds will be given until such time as the claim has been processed by the carrier. 



Payment Plans - Original Artworks:


Several payment plan options are available on original artwork purchases. However, the payment of a 25% non-refundable deposit is required on all artwork purchases regardless of price or quantity. Artworks can be paid off over periods of one month to six months, depending on the cost of the artwork. Please understand that if you make the committment to purchase an original artwork that a 'change in financial circumstances' does not qualify you for a full refund. Only amounts paid over the 25% non-refundable deposit will be refunded at the convenience of the artist. This is to compensate the artist for potential loss of income whilst the artwork was marked 'sold' and made unavailabe to others for purchase..





Unfortunately, due to a lack of demand, Ravynne does not offer wholesale except on a case by case, store by store basis. If you are a retail store and wish to buy wholesale, please contact Ravynne with your query.



Copyright & Image Usage Information:


All images and writing created by Ravynne Phelan a.k.a. Michele-lee Phelan, whether electronic images or original art, print artworks, product and web design, shown on this website or elsewhere, are ©Ravynne Phelan a.k.a. Michele-lee Phelan. Ravynne holds the copyright and intellectual property rights for all of her artworks, designs, and writing and use is strictly prohibited without Ravynne's express written permission. Below you can find usage terms which dictate the allowed use of Ravynne's artworks.



You may not take, use, copy or distribute any image or portion of text from this website without abiding to the following terms:



Website and Social Network Use:


Ravynne Phelan's artworks may only be used for display purposes. 


The artworks cannot be used to endorse a product, person, or organisation.


The artworks cannot be altered and used for signature tags or for roleplaying graphics.


The artworks cannot be used or displayed on sites promoting intolerance, racism, pornography, harm to children in any form, and gambling.


Ravynne Phelan's artworks and images are licensed to you by the artist for the limited purpose of displaying them on your personal website. Ravynne reserves the right to revoke, amend, or alter this license on an individual basis at any time.


The following terms must be followed as part of this usage:


  • The images are not to be tampered with or altered in any manner - no colour changes, no text additions, no cropping. All copyright and website information displayed on the image is to be left intact and unaltered.


  • The page displaying the artwork must also display a link to or and visibly state 'Artwork by Ravynne Phelan'.



Tattoo Use:


Tattoos based on Ravynne's artwork are allowed for individuals only under the following conditions:


  • Tattoo artists are not allowed to offer any of the artist's works without a signed licensing agreement.

  • Private individuals who wish to have a tattoo based on one of Ravynne's artworks it is asked that you first purchase a print of the artwork to help support the artist whose work you cherish so much. This will also give the tattoo artist a high quality image to work with.

  • Once the tattoo is finished you send Ravynne a photo.



Graphic/Tagging/Tube Use:


For all graphic-based crafts a select number of Ravynne's artworks were in the past available through CILM, however due to the ending of Ravynne's contract with CILM, they are no longer available for purchase as images and PSP tubes. Those who purchased the license to use tubes through CILM prior to the ending of the aforementioned contract are entitled to continue using the tubes as long as the terms stated on the CILM website are followed accordingly. All questions about usage to CILM or refer to their terms of use displayed on their website.


Any person or website offering tubes that were derived from Ravynne's artwork will be asked to cease and desist. Legal action will result if the owner of the website does not comply to the request.


Ravynne will not be licensing her work for use as tubes in the forseeable future.




Non Profit or Charity Use:


Please contact Ravynne regarding charity and non-profit usage as permissions will vary from case to case. Unfortunately, free usage without permission is not allowed, but a limited license can be negotiated.



No Commercial Use without Licensing Contract:


You may not redistribute, reproduce, make derivative works or otherwise use the images copyrighted to Ravynne Phelan or Michele-lee Phelan without her express written permission and/or by licensing her work.


Without a licensing agreement, images may not be sold or used in any way, including but not limited to, the selling of products, or in connection with the promotion of any person, product or sales. Furthermore, no use of any image may infringe upon the rights of existing or potential licensees of Ravynne's artworks. 


Without a licensing agreement, you are not permitted to use Ravynne Phelan's images to manufacture your own products for sale in any form or through any market such as ebay or elsewhere. It is a serious infringement of Ravynne's copyright.


Without a licensing agreement, you are not permitted to use Ravynne Phelan's images as part of your online auction templates or as part of your online shop logo. You are not permitted to use Ravynne's artworks for any business logo, stationery, promotional material or signage.


For those companies who wish to license Ravynne's artworks, please contact the artist.



Copyright Infringement:


Copyright infringement of Ravynne's works is treated seriously.


Infringers who post Ravynne's work on their websites will first be sent an informal request to cease and desist any alleged infringments. This is done as a courtesy before formal action is taken. Compliance at this point is greatly appreciated and no further action will be entered into if compliance is given.

Infringements on Facebook will not be contacted due to the high incidence of aggression often received when a polite request is made and the ability for images to be shared. Infringements on Facebook will be reported immediately. No warning will be given.


eBay auction of fraudulant derivative products will be ended immediately through the Ebay Vero program. No warning will be given.

Those who fail to comply with the informal cease and desist request will then face other actions such as being reported to their webhost and finally legal action through the courts. Those found to be guilty of copyright infringement will be liable for all court fees and compensations.



Reporting illegal use of Ravynne's Artwork:


If you see Ravynne's art being used without proper credit or copyright acknowledgement, or is not in compliance with the terms stipulated within this document, please contact Ravynne directly with the details. While all reports are welcomed, it is asked that you do not contact the individual, group, or organisation yourself as the item may be licensed legally or from a legitimate retailer.


Activity to be noted as suspicious includes the selling of artworks or products without credit given to the artist, individuals claiming that they painted the artworks in question,  altered graphics and/or whole images without the artist's copyright logo. 

Facebook and Tumblr ... Artworks can be displayed WITH CREDIT on all social network platforms. However, if you see one of her artworks being used in a manner contrary to the guidelines stated on this page, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact her.


Detailed Terms and Conditions:


The usage terms stipulated within this document are guidelines only as to the correct and proper use of Ravynne Phelan's artworks and writing. The artist reserves the right to change the terms and conditions within this document at any time and without any notice. By using any of the artist's works, you give your agreement to the stated terms both now and in the future.


All images and artworks of Ravynne Phelan's fall under these terms and copyright ownership no matter where or in what medium they are obtained, including but not limited to other websites, purchase of print or products, other manufacturer's products or catalogues.


Regardless of alteration or modification, the copyright of the artworks remains with Ravynne Phelan under the derivative works terms of Australian and International Copyright Law. Infringment of Ravynne's copyright will be dealt with seriously.


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