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Welcome to the official cyber home of visionary oracle and tarot author and artist, Ravynne Phelan a.k.a. Michele-lee Phelan. Within the pages of this website you will find the art and thoughts of a divine soul who is living and becoming the human she is meant to be. Sometimes both ugly and beautiful, every word and brushstroke are an expression of the Divine, magic, and human experience.



SEEKER ORACLE IS NOW AVAILABLE along with its matching journal - A Seeker's Tale - and the revised edition of its sister deck, Messenger Oracle. The two decks have been formatted to match so they can be mixed together to create a big deck or a smaller themed custom deck. Signed copies of the decks and journal are available for purchase in the store. Just click on the image above and be transported.


Ravynne is always working on the next deck. Her current project is a very simple symbol-based dragon energy deck that came to her in an instant download in 2018. The artwork has been completed and she is now working on the guidebook. She is also painting on the card illustrations for a Lenormand deck. Both decks will be her focus for 2022. Once they are complete, her attention will shift to the dragon-themed oracle deck that she has been working on slowly and steadily for several years.

Like the tarot, the dragon deck is a big project with 72 cards and has been a long-term project that may take Ravynne several more years to complete. However, once the current projects are completed, it will become her primary focus.  At present, all of the cards have been decided upon and the majority of drawings completed. A number of artworks have also been painted but there are many more still to manifest.

Unfortunately, Ravynne's progress has been further slowed due to her having developed cataracts that have begun to impact on her ability to see properly. She is on the hospital waiting list to have them removed, but due to COVID-19 and delays across the country with elective surgeries, she has no idea how long she will be waiting. She has, however, adapted to this new reality and is continuing to work as well as she can.

Now it takes a great deal of time to both illustrate and write each deck, and the financial investment required is quite large. Ravynne is self-employed which means she needs to earn enough to cover the time she spends on her publishing projects. Creating her oracle decks is not only her passion, but the source of her livelihood. The more she earns from her art, the more time she can spend working on the next deck - tools for developing self-awareness and self-empowerment that she creates for you because she wants nothing more than for you to make empowered choices that create a reality of your design.

Would you like to play a key role in helping Ravynne to step into the flow and create? You can do so by becoming one of her beloved Patrons. What is a patron? It is someone who holds the arts in the highest regard, who understands how important art and writing are to humanity, and who chooses to show their support and help artists and authors to create by offering financial assistance and support. 

Would you like to help? If the answer is yes, you can do so by becoming one of her patrons via Patreon. Patreon is an independent website specifically created to connect supporters of the arts with their favourite artists and creatives. Rewards include - phone and tablet wallpapers,  colouring pages, exclusive behind the scenes information, the opportunity to be gifted with original artworks, and more.

Other options:

- Make a single donation. You can do this by sending Ravynne an email to ask for her Paypal address.

- Visit the store and purchase a print or deck.

If you are a supporter of the arts, and of Ravynne's art, know that a few dollars a month - less than what you would spend on a cup of coffee - can go a long, long way to bringing more beauty  and magic into the world. 

More information can be viewed by clicking on the link below.




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"Ravynne is an artist of power, intelligence, and imagination. She is an artist-alchemist who deeply believes in her subject matter, and whose sacred task is to reconnect us all with visions of the divine, in its myriad forms of tree, deity, dryad, or dragon. Every work has a soul, every brushstroke returns magick to our modern world. To gaze upon her creations is to sit with the greatest of teachers; one whose work combines beauty and meaning, the cosmos and the underworld, male and female, and the seen and unseen worlds."  - Lucy Cavendish - author

Ravynne Phelan - tarot and oracle author and artist
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