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Written by Lucy CavendishIllustrations by Ravynne Phelan, Selina Fenech, Toni Carmine Salerno, and Jimmy MantonGet back in touch with our strongest, most protective kin: the Dragonfae. This deck offers a portal to their powerful messages of love, healing, and protection. When we connect with the Dragonfae, we reconnect with the lost parts of ourselves, allowing us to fully explore the gift of life on this beautiful planet, and access knowledge deep within ourselves. This stunning deck features imagery from an array of talented artists, including Ravynne Phelan, Selina Fenech, Jimmy Manton, and Toni Carmine Salerno.

Oracle of the Dragonfae

  • All copies purchased from are signed by Ravynne Phelan Cards 140 page guidebook Dimensions 127 x 175.26 x 38.1mm Publication date 01 May 2008
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